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What makes our routers superior?

Parental Controls

Set limits, filter content, monitor online activities.

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What makes our routers superior?

Network Security

With the rise in smart devices and online shopping, your personal information is more vulnerable than ever.
Stay Cyber Safe

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Keeping You Connected!

 Experience the difference with Tularosa Communications. Our local company delivers reliable fiber optic internet, ensuring seamless connectivity with upload and download speeds up to 1Gig/1Gig. Enjoy hassle-free customer service and Smart Wi-Fi  technology for multi-device streaming and gaming in large-family homes. Don’t live in a fiber zone? Get your neighbors to pre-register with you and when enough interest is generated, we’ll make plans to expand fiber internet into your neighborhood. We’re committed to local development and expanding fiber zones.

Join us in supporting a local company that prioritizes your satisfaction and contributes to the growth of our community. 

Stay Cyber Safe

Over the last two months, while you were shopping, gaming, video calling and streaming, our smart routers blocked 1,529 Web Threats and Intrusions.

If it’s connected, it’s protected!

Building better connections.

We are expanding our fiber networks in Otero and Lincoln County and would like to hear from the community about their interest for Fiber Internet.

Pre-register now, and when enough interest is expressed in your neighborhood, we will alert our engineering department.  Neighborhoods with the most interest are taking priority during construction.


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Dialing 988 will route your call to the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline.  For more information please visit:


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