Smart Wi-Fi

With app-enabled control

New: CommandIQ

One app to rule them all. Optimize your WiFi network settings from your smart device.

Command from your hand

See all devices on your network, set preferences, basic parental controls, create guest networks, run speed tests, and set up passcodes- all from an intuitive app on your phone.  Kids at home? Now you can monitor usage times for devices like that new Ps5 or laptop.  If you have bandwidth wars in your home, set certain devices to get preference above others in the network.  Problems solved. 


Keep intruders out with a lock on your network. Rest easy with the latest security updates managed for you. 

Built-In Network Security

If you wouldn’t share your personal information with strangers, why do you leave it exposed online? With a rise in smart devices, your billing  and personal information is more vulnerable than ever. Protect your home with network-level security that covers those devices you can’t download anti-virus software onto, like TV’s, smart clocks, security cameras, and home gym equipment.  If it’s connected, it’s protected.  


Take back control of the internet with content restrictions, time limits, and online curfews. Individualize the user experience by creating profiles for users in the home.  

Effortless parental controls

We don’t make the rules, we just help you enforce them. Set up application time limits, offline hours, and content restrictions for each person in the house.  Using our easy and intuitive app, you can set up these rules in a couple of minutes, eliminating the hassle of patrolling and monitoring the content on household devices. Unsure about something? Block it. Kids can come and ask for permission when they need access to something. Raise standards, not arguments.   

 My Priorities

When bandwidth is limited, your internet experience doesn’t have to be.  Set up priorities in the app that reroutes where internet speeds go to first.   

put yourself first

If you needed to hear it, make sure you’re putting yourself first- with your internet anyway. The priority feature allows you to set device and category preferences so that bandwidth goes there first. It’s perfect for those that work from home, take online classes, or just want a better streaming experience in the master bedroom!  

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